Lara Day Student Council Elections

Pupils of Lara Day School casted their votes for their preferred student council candidate on the 26th October 2018. Our young Politicians who emerged as winners were celebrated at the

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Happy Holidays from LDS Family

The holidays are here again as we have come to the end of first term and we thank God for a very exciting and fulfilling term. We use this medium

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Tea Mornings at LDS

Tea Mornings at ‘Lara Day School are avenues where parents and teachers meet to discuss the road map of the activities for the term. This term’s Tea Mornings were memorable

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Why Not Music?

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Stanley had woken up very early in anticipation of the day’s rehearsals with his school band. His voice had so mesmerized the band tutor

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Face Off – Keeping It Real

Most of us are very religious, some, very spiritual in our beliefs. We are very active in our individual church activities and even holding very exalted positions. We represent modesty,

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Self Control

In today’s changing world, people tend to do things without caution. Behaviors that I still remember as child were wrong, are now being overlooked and even sometimes accepted. This is

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