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Most of us are very religious, some, very spiritual in our beliefs. We are very active in our individual church activities and even holding very exalted positions. We represent modesty, role models to every other member of the congregation. People look up to us.

‘Bring up a child in the way of the Lord so when he grows up, he won’t depart from it’.So says the Holy Book handed down to us from ages…

One then wonders how is it that such spirituality is not deemed worthy to reflect in the children God, in his infinite mercy and graciousness, has blessed us with.

Where are all these headed you may wonder? Of course to the very way we allow our children to dress up to parties and social gatherings.

It is heart-warming to see how decently we and our children dress for church functions and church activities. Seeing these children in church on Sundays every other day and then at school’s Fun-Day and concerts, one will not believe they are one and same persons! The disparities simply underscores the fact that as parents, we know right from wrong. But what about these innocent and budding children?

What would a mother be thinking when she steps out in bum shorts, skimpy or see -through dresses to her children’s school party, concerts or even fun day activities? True, it’s nobody’s business what a full grown adult wears or doesn’t wear to anywhere. But it becomes a public opinion when she adulterates an innocent child’s mind with such indecency (my opinion).

Children see their parents and teachers as role models, without even giving it a thought, children believe their parents and elders cannot be wrong. This is evident when a child will even tell you as a teacher that you are supposed to know everything!!

So… what explanation or impression are we providing for the very vulnerable minds of these young and adventurous ones? I’ll tell you…DECEPTION!!

Encouraging indecent dressing in our 3 years, 5 years or even 10 years old daughters is simply setting them up for disaster in the near future. We need to instil good morals decency in our children early in life so when they grow up…

We unconsciously create these problems today and when they come haunting us tomorrow, we run from pillar to post seeking solutions. Most times, it’s always too late…

We should realize that these children are not going to live with us for ever. Someday soon they will leave, leave for the boarding house, university or where ever. What tools are we equipping them with to face the harsh cruel and unfriendly world out there? What kind of life are we moulding them to live afterwards?

We read and see stories and images of girls being harassed, molested or even worse raped by perverts and sick minds all over the world! By no fault of theirs, these children got molested or even in worse situations like well, having unwanted pregnancies. No fault of theirs that they walk about the streets almost revealing all and provoking the sick and insane minds…

No fault of theirs that they don’t even see anything wrong in how they are dressed…’Hei! Mama said it was ok!!’

Well the news is, if we plan to keep encouraging these MTV, MNET or HOLLYWOOD mode of dressing  in our girls, then we better start planning to provide safety by being with them, sticking to them where ever they go. Because, they sure will need it!


Precious ‘Nonye Anyadike

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