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School Fees

Fees must be paid before resumption. There is a development fee for new pupils and this is paid just once throughout the stay of a child in the school.Fees paid are non -refundable and can be paid annually or divided into termly payments. We celebrate various events during the school year like Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Thanksgiving, Children’s Day while each school year is closed by a Speech/Prize-giving ceremony.

School Uniform

Uniforms for school, games and cardigans are available for purchase at the school office. Only uniforms purchased at the school are acceptable. Children must come to school in clean ironed and well fitted school uniforms with white ankle socks and black covered shoes. On game days, children come in their games uniform and trainers. Jewelry is limited to small earrings for girls and wristwatches for both boys and girls. Hair attachments are not allowed, and hair accessories should be minimal.

Pick Up

Nursery pupils will be dismissed at 1:00pm while the primary pupils are dismissed at 3:00pm. Parents are free to pick up their children at 1:00pm and 3:00pm respectively.  After school programs are available for Nursery classes between 1.00pm and 3.00pm for an additional fee.

Third Party Pick Up

Pupils who will ride home with friends/neighbors must bring a written and signed note from their parents/guardians stating ‘WHO’ and the period of time and give it to the Head Teacher.

Parents who would want their children to go home with “unknown faces” must come personally to the school with a written and signed note stating who, the date, and the mode of identification.

Late Pick Up

Parents are to note:

The pupils close at 1:00pm and 3:00pm for nursery and primary school respectively while teachers close at 3:30pm. Teachers on after-school duty close by 4:30pm while members of the Management and the Administration Staff close at 4:00pm. Therefore, any child left beyond 4:00pm is placed in the care of the nanny as all the members of staff, teaching and non-teaching, leave at or before 5:00pm. Pupils who are left in school later than 5:00pm will pay a ‘fine’ of N2, 000 for every hour that we keep your child. Such payment will be made on the spot or first thing the following day at the office and a receipt will be issued. Without this receipt, your child will not be allowed into the school the next day.

Early Pick Up

  • Children are expected to stay in school from 8:00am to 1:00pm/3:00pm. Doctors’ appointments should be scheduled outside school hours, weekend and holidays as much as possible.
  • If a child must be dismissed early, parents should bring a written and signed note to his/her class teacher stating the time and reason.
  • Parents/guardians must come in and sign their children/wards out in the administrative office.
  • Identification is required if a child will be going home with an unknown face in addition to a prior call from the parent/guardians of the said pupil.
  • If a child is picked up before the close of day, the child is marked down in the attendance for the day.
  • Picking up a child early without prior written and signed note or call (except for a very cogent reason) will not be allowed as this disturbs the lessons in class.

Pupil Absence & Excuses

The following reasons for pupil absences from school will be recognized as valid by Lara Day School:

  1. Personal illness or injury
  2. Death or emergency illness in the family
  3. Obligatory religious observance
  4. Medical appointments
  5. School-sponsored events
  6. Visa Appointments

Each absence must be accounted for and it is the parent’s or guardian’s responsibility to inform the school about the pupil’s absence. Unexcused absences, which cause the pupil to miss lessons, may result in the pupil losing out on the lessons taught on that day of absence.  Appropriate efforts will however be made to assist pupils with genuine reasons for absence to complete all work missed.

Extra Curricular Activities

To meet the needs of the different age groups we cater for, Lara Day School has provided a variety of physical education programs and leisure activities. The games on our list include basketball, football, table tennis, athletics, and swimming. Our clubs and societies include Drama, Arts and Craft, Boys’ Scouts, Brownies, Red Cross, Dance and Movement, Music, Karate, Ballet and Chess. Our field trips include excursions to places of interest. We celebrate various events during the school year like Christmas, Easter, Harvest and Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Independence Day. The Christmas season is marked by festive activities which include carol services, concerts and parties, while each school year is

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The school was founded by the late Rev. Akin Adesola of blessed memory, on May 1, 1963, in loving memory of his late mother Mrs. Victoria Omolara Adesola, who died on February 27, 1926, when he was only five months old. She was trained, certificated and devoted teacher and a lover of children. The Ministry of Education, Ibadan, of the old Western Region, conducted the   Read more…

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