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Sad Pupil

A Cry for Help!

Every child is a gift, not only to his parents, but to the world.  His birth is nature’s next chance and opportunity for humanity to undo previous wrongs, right past mistakes and help build a better world. A child is a bundle of talents, hence, given appropriate tutelage and mentoring, humanity can unlock psyche doors and release the genius within the child. The master’s key is timely and effective instructions. Good instructions hones available talents and abilities in a child, and prepares him for challenges ahead. The foregoing necessitates adequate formal and informal educational (instructional) structures, programmes and policies from home, government, religious and relevant organizations. Furthermore, understanding the stages of a child’s development is very vital to open us up to the right approach to helping the child build on his innate abilities.

Let’s consider the significance of the cry of a child below:

Please help me to help myself’ why can’t I do what adults do?

The desire of a child is to gain independence. He wants to walk around, run, jump, do some chores, sing, read, write etc. A child cries       when he can’t do all these things. The cry here says ‘‘please teach me how to do them and give me the opportunity to do them myself’’ at this point the adult around must be conscious not to jeopardize this stage of development. Train the child to do things independently with guidance, don’t help when it’s not necessary. Hard work builds.

I want to be a genius not a rascal. I need good morals to fit into my purpose.

At this level of cry the child is saying, will you correct me when I misbehave? Train me in the way that I should go and I promise never to depart from it.  Teach me to obey, love, respect, appreciate and value others. I want to display good moral standards and contribute positively to my society. Let me understands that modesty and dignity pays.

Oh no! What a complex world, distraction everywhere please help!

Please teach me to prioritize. Where do I focus my time and effort? I want to recognize what I want and what I need to enable me make good choices in life especially when you are not there anymore. Also teach me to understand that I can’t have it all but to always appreciate the giver and make good use of what is available.

Finally, be reminded that we are only but caretakers of these crying helpless ones. God owns them and He is interested in how we bring them up. Whether we are parents, teachers, neighbors, religious leaders, etc. we have a role to play in the life of every child we come across.

Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, and whatsoever things are of good report, inscribe them upon their hearts and we shall be glad we did because their ways shall be prosperous with good success and a better generation shall be guaranteed.

Let’s work together to convert the ‘cry’ to a future ‘smile’ of confidence and self-esteem.

For every child is literally a time bomb waiting to go off. But unlike conventional bombs, humanity has a choice. Whether this bomb goes off for our gain or pain. It all depends on what we do with the child today!

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